As the marketing landscape is rapidly changing, companies are wondering how to utilize marketing to acquire new customers and grow their business in a way that generates positive ROI.


Our solutions are designed to help brands utilize the power, scale, and attention of digital platforms to grow their business' bottom line.

Digital Lens offers built for success marketing strategies and corresponding services to drive immediate thru long-term business results. In addition, we provide expert hands-on campaign management and support, acting as a natural extension of your team.  

What we offer is positive ROI within four weeks, and at project completion, a customized playbook that outlines proven tactics for continued business growth, personalized exclusively for your business.   



Why social?  Why now?

Social media has changed the way we connect, consume, and experience the world around us. Great social marketing can transform brands in colossal ways - it's where true full-funnel strategies, accurate cross-device measurement, and the most advanced targeting tactics are within reach (and within the feed). What's more, our attention isn't going anywhere else anytime soon! 

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Social media advertising is viewable, native, and in the feed. With Facebook users spending two seconds, on average, on every piece of content, it's the ultimate marketing vehicle to ensure your messaging is seen. As Steve Jobs once famously said, "people don't know what they want until you show it to them."   

In addition, social networks are easily accessible across nearly all screens and devices. It's the place for brands to be to build 1:1 relationships with their customers.  

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Upwards of one in five total mobile minutes are spent on Facebook and Instagram alone, and a recent Nielsen study found that the average overall weekly time US adults spend on social is five and a half hours.

Social also has scale. It's a place where businesses can get real-time insights and learnings from a base of two billion potential customers. And that only includes Facebook  - which more than a quarter of the world’s population is using on a monthly basis.  

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Social marketing channels use identifiers like personal email addresses and user IDs to target audiences - meaning your customers can be definitively reached directly in their feeds, making accurate retargeting, engaging storytelling, and full-funnel messaging a true reality.   

What's more, social is one of the most efficient marketing vehicles that currently exists.  On average, businesses can expect to spend $6 to reach one thousand customers - that's less than $0.01 per exposure.